On Your Day

On Your Day Package

On Your Day Package from Kate Goddard Weddings

On Your Day Package includes:

  • Initial complimentary phone/skype consultation
  • A meeting with you two weeks before your day, where you will hand over supplier contacts and the plans
  • One meeting with your venue in person ahead of the day
  • Schedule is given to everyone involved who has a job including suppliers
  • Phone call to all suppliers the day before
  • Attendance on the day (up to 10 hours – negotiable)
  • Go to person for any queries
  • Meet all suppliers as they arrive and be point of contact for them
  • Oversee everything
  • Deal with any last minute problems or changes
  • Being your toastmaster if required
  • Pack up the decor

Package Cost: Full price provided after consultation.  On Your Day Fee From £950.

Split The Cost

If you want to have a wedding planner but don’t have the cash straight away – don’t worry, I can set up a package to split the cost over monthly payments. I won’t add any interest on this, as long as the full balance is paid one month before your wedding day.

Without On Your Day Wedding Package

As you are getting your hair and makeup done you get a call: “Sarah, where do you want the flowers to go?”

You’re having a drink with your groomsmen and the photographer approaches you: “Ben, where do you want the couple pictures?”

“You are sipping your champagne trying to calm your nerves, your future mum in law comes to you: “the centrepieces for the cake have fallen over.”

Questions questions and more questions.

You’re the only ones that know everything and even with a hefty spreadsheet of where everyone is to be at any one time (believe me – I’ve seen brides do this), there will be unforeseen events.

With On Your Day Package from Kate Goddard Weddings:

You get your hair and makeup done with your bridesmaids, with your favourite songs playing in the background….undisturbed.

You have a couple of drinks and catch up with your groomsmen….undisturbed.

Your future mum in law doesn’t worry you.

Your photographer doesn’t ask you questions.

You don’t get calls about the flowers.

You can just relax and concentrate on getting yourselves ready.

I’m there to oversee everything and be the go-to person.  I’ll know every detail of your day.  People will come to me for questions or concerns.  Suppliers will call my number if stuck and I can even look after your phone as well.  You shouldn’t need to think about anything.  You’ve done enough.

And guess what? After the day is over, you and your guests won’t even need to pack down – because I will take care of all of this for you.  Especially handy if you’ve had a few drinks!!

I will dress smart and in fitting with the style of your day, whilst be making sure everyone knows to come to me with any queries.  Leaving you to have fun on one of the best days of your lives.